Avi Sabag

Co-founder and director of the Musrara School. Studied photography in Jerusalem, graduate of the Hebrew University’s Art History Department, holds an MBA from Haifa University’s School of Management. Curated and produced the exhibition “The Black Panthers”, and the project “Musrara Mon Amour”; also curated retrospective exhibitions of photographers Nicholas Nixon and Arnold Newman; co- produced and curated (together with Nissan Perez) the exhibition “Eternal Dialogue”, which featured internationally prominent photographers, including Thomas Ruff, Martin Parr, Linda Conor and others; curated a retrospective exhibition of the photographer Boris Carmi at the Eretz-Israel Museum; as well as multidisciplinary projects (Israel Festival, Musrara Mix Festival). Founder of the Jewish-Arab Seminar and of workshops for special-needs children. Heads the Continuing Studies program “Art for Social Change” and “Musrara’s Art and Activism Hub”. An artist presenting in various exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Member of the Steering Committee of the Forum of Foundations Supporting Jerusalem. Laurate of the 2007 Teddy Kollek Prize for Public Excellence, awarded by the Jerusalem Foundation. Was granted the Jerusalem Freedom of the City honor by Kol Hair newspaper. Laurate of the 2011 Israel Museum Lifetime Achievement Award, and of the 2018 Golden Age Award.

Dafna Ichilov

Head of the Photography Department, artist, curator and lecturer. Head of the department since 2022. In 1988 she received her BFA from the Department of Photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. 1998-1999: MFA from the Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. In 1992 she co-founded with the Limbus Group the Limbus – Place for Photography, a collective space run and curated by artists. During 1992-2006 she directed and curated the gallery. In the framework of her activity in the gallery, hundreds of group and solo exhibitions were held, as well as national and international collaborations, and for the first time, Israeli photography auctions took place. Meanwhile, she was also a member of the Limbus Group. Exhibitions of the group were held, and collaborative art activities and curative initiatives took place. In 2009 she initiated, curated and edited the book Limbus. Place. Photography – a book that is a multi-participant exhibition summarizing contemporary time, place and photography, offering a visual interpretation for local reality (Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing in collaboration with the Limbus Group). Laurate of the Gerard Levi Prize for Young Photographers (Israel Museum, 1994). Since 2003 she has been an freelance curator for various galleries, interactive spaces and public spaces. A lecturer in various photography and art schools since 1990. Since 2006 she has held various roles at the Musrara Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society in Jerusalem, including instructor and coordinator of the graduate programs, co-instructor and director of the Art for Social Change and Artists’ Hub for Social Change programs, supervisor and lecturer of creative processes in the Phototherapy Department. She has presented in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Her works are among private and museum collections (Jewish Museum in New York; Science, Culture and Sport Ministry Collection; Bet Avi Chai Collection, Jerusalem). In the course of many years, as an artist and a curator, she has sought dialogue and collaboration in work processes, artistic projects, collaborative curation, and more. She has gained years-long professional experience as lecturer, diversified curator, and initiator of processes, empowerment and personal and group supervision of artists and students.

Ayala Landow

Head of the New-Media Art Department. Multidisciplinary plastic artist. Holds a BFA (2008) and MFA (2010) in Art from the Bezalel Academy of Art. An active artist, she creates in sculpture, painting and installation, and for the past decade she has been involved in art education and teaching. Other than her artistic practice, Landow collaborates in artistic interdisciplinary projects and is a member of various art communities. Over the past decade, she has presented a variety of solo exhibitions, curated several exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and around the world, including at the Israel Museum, Bat Yam Museum, Neues Museum Weimar, Center of Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, HaKibbutz Gallery in Tel Aviv, Line 16 Gallery in Tel Aviv and C1 Berlin Gallery. Landow has won a support grant for the project “Asylum Arts”, New York (2016, 2018), as well as the Bezalel Academy of Art Award for Encouraging Creativity (2010).

Amir Bolzman

Head of the New Music Department. Born in Brazil, 1985. Multidisciplinary sound artist, curator and composer. Graduate of the Musrara School New Music Department, holds a BA and MA from the Institute of Sonology, the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. For the past decade he has been involved in the experimental music scene in Israel, the Netherlands and Germany, as a solo artist and in collaboration with changing players and ensembles. Member of the duo Ensemble of Love and Terror, beside drummer Ariel Armoni, which released two albums in the German label Full Body Massage Records. Has presented and curated works and exhibitions for a variety of cultural institutions such as Mamuta (“The Boundary Went Down to the Foot of the Hill”, “HaMavdil”), Barbur Gallery (“Wiretapping”), Jerusalem Season of Culture (Hedim Festival I + II), and the art collective No Coast. Instructor and teacher of computer music and composition. Co-directs with Sala-Manca the residency program Mamuta Sound, at the Mamuta Center of Art and Research.

Guy Goldstein

Head of the Visual Communication Department, artist, musician. Graduate of the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education (1997-2001), and of the MFA program, Bezalel (2005-2007). Multidisciplinary artist presenting in Israel and around the world, laurate of the Keshet Prize (Herzliya Museum, 2017), Minister of Culture Prize (2012), and the Ministry of Culture Young Artist Award (2007). Taught design at the WIZO Academy, Ascola-Meimad, and Studio 6B, in addition to lectures and workshops in a variety of colleges and academies of art in Israel. In his past he had an independent studio of graphic design for culture and art institutions. His works are among public and private collections in Israel and around the world. A member of the Naarot Reines band.

Shirley Goffer

Head of Musrara’s Phototherapy Department, clinical psychologist, certified supervisor in psychotherapy. Works with children, adolescents and adults. Experienced psychologist in a variety of treatment frameworks. Holds an MA in Policy and Theory of the Arts (curating and writing) from the History and Theory Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Studies the relationship between art and creation and mental processes, as well as creative processes in an academic environment. Additionally, she is Musrara’s psychological advisor.


External relations and resource development: Dana Shahar
IT director: Tomer Azulay
Head of the External Studies Department and educational programs: Sabina Romanova
Office management: Maya Cohen
Director of galleries: Ayelet HaShachar Cohen
Marketing director: Dan Hashmonai
Scholarship and admission coordinator: Hila Ben Hemo
Arabic Program admission coordinator: Muna Jaber
Technical team: Ehud Lax, Dan Lavi, Omer Goldberg
Director of library, archive, and Musrara Collection: Maya Asher
Digital lab director: Udi Assaf
Digital lab team: Rafi Wolach, Uri Bareket

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