The Musrara Mix Festival is an international, multidisciplinary event that has been taking place in the “seamline” neighborhood of Musrara in Jerusalem since 2000, initiated and produced by the Naggar Musrara School of Art. The festival is a locus of artistic and social happening, which embodies the cultural and political atmosphere of Jerusalem in particular, and Israel in general, while corresponding with a different key theme every year. Well-known international and Israeli artists, in conjunction with students, graduates and lecturers at the school, showcase and perform at the festival. The festival expresses the approach of the school, which believes in the significance of the creative process as a glance toward society and the identities that make it up, and in the power of the festival as part of the educational process of students attending the school. The Naggar Musrara School of Art welcomes the public to the various events that take place during the festival and invites them to experience the neighborhood, wander through its alleys, visit the inner yards of its houses, meet its residents, and enjoy some of the best multidisciplinary art currently created in Israel and around the world.

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