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The Musrara School Art Gallery has been actively exhibiting for over three decades local and international art exhibitions, including solo exhibitions of veteran and emerging artists, group exhibitions founded upon art and cultural research, experimental projects pertaining to society and community, and collaborations with other art centers and galleries in Israel and around the world. Among the artists who have exhibited at the galleries are Loretta Lux, Andres Serrano, Marina Abramović, Joel Kantor, Elinor Carruci, Michal Rubner, Sasha Dotan, Larry Abramson, Ilit Azouay, Karam Natour, Pesi Girsch, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Hilla Ben Ari, Shay Zilberman, Boaz Aharonovich, Nurit Yarden, Tomer Kep, Rona Sela, Uri Gershuni, Noa Sadka, Ron Amir, Deganit Berest, Liat Elbing, Tamara Mesel, Michal Chelbin, and many others. The Musrara School Art Gallery is open Sun-Thurs, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The gallery hosts gallery talks that are open to the public, as well as a variety events, which appear on the website. In the course of the past few years, tens of thousands of art lovers, students and organized groups from across the country have visited the gallery. Tours can be booked at the gallery, which include a guided tour in the current exhibition, and photography workshops combining a tour of the Musrara neighborhood. Chief curator: Asaf Sabag Gallery curators: Michal BarOr, Tali Ben Nun, Irena Gordon, Ori Drumer, Sharon Horodi, Keren Zaltz, Bar Yerushalmi, Ayelet HaShachar Cohen, Irit Carmon Popper, Avi Sabag, Shira Friedman, Vera Korman, Galit Rauchwarger. Gallery administration and exhibition production: Ayelet HaShachar Cohen Gallery tours: Sabina Romanovsky

Current Exhibition


Curator: Ora Lev Assistant: Tali Romem
Dana Ariel Lihi Binyamin Ariel Hacohen Dan Hasson, Iddo Ginat, Yonatan Cohen, Rachel Gottesman, Tamar Novick, Daniel Meir Yehudit Sasportas Sharon Ya’ari Morel Derfler

In Morel Derfler’s photograms, one may discern a line marking the ground. There is little terrain above it, and multiple depth layers below, teeming with action, containing an element of reality with conspicuous signs of conflict.
Derfler, an artist and a lecturer at the Musrara School, was killed in a suicide bombing at the Nahariya train station in 2001. The exhibition was constructed as a dialogue with his oeuvre. The featured works examine the way we observe the local space and formulate a narrative for ourselves, characterized by slow, gradual refinement of the gaze at the geopolitical sphere in Israel.

Past Exhibitions

Graduates exhibition 2023


The Musrara Art Gallery is due to present this month a part of the 2023 Graduates Exhibition.

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