New-Media Art Department

The New-Media Art Department is a physical and conceptual space for experimentation, research, and creation in the field of contemporary art. The studies are based on courses in historical theory and art theory, as well as the study of novel technologies alongside traditional practices. At the heart of the program is experimentation and research of ideas and expressions from the inner worlds of the students. The department encourages and motivates each student to find their place as a creative person in the world.
The three-year program allows for the development of technical and conceptual skills, combining many fields and with an emphasis on their meeting point: sculpture, drawing, installation, performance, video, sound, electronics, programming and more. In addition to the various technical courses, conceptual workshops, encounters with artists and creative process development sessions are offered. The unique atmosphere in the courses is that of the Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem; the studies highlight personal and professional development customized for every student.
At the heart of the department’s space is the JerusaLab – an artistic interaction lab, first of its kind in Israel, which is a unique artistic-technological space where students can investigate and experiment at the intersection of innovative technology and personal creation (3D printers, laser cutters, Arduino controllers, sensors and more).
All courses of the department begin with the very foundations of the studied material – no prior experience or knowledge is required!
Graduates of the department complete their studies after having consolidated a unique critical and conceptual approach and acquired technical tools for creating in a diversified and rich way. Their personal and artistic path from there on out is open and diverse.
The program is intended for naturally curious people who are interested in developing technical capabilities in the field of new-media art and relating them to multidisciplinary artistic practice. The program is also suitable for artists and creatives seeking to develop in the various technical domains or for those with technological experience who wish to connect this knowledge and artistic practice.
The lecturers of the department are artists active in a variety of creative domains and some of the leading professionals in Israel.


Yearly tuition by department:
Photography Department – 13,175 NIS
New-Media Art Department – 13,892 NIS
Visual Communication Department – 13,892 NIS
New Music Department – 13,892 NIS

*The tuition above may change from time to time.

Scholarships & Awards

The school grants scholarships, which require social engagement and contribution to the community, as well as prizes for scholarly achievements and excelling, and for cultural and social contribution to the school atmosphere. Dozens of students enjoy our scholarships every year, from specific course scholarships to full tuition scholarships.

Admission Requirements

No prior knowledge is required for studying in the department.
Consultation meeting
Consultation meetings can be scheduled with Ayala Landow, head of the New-Media Art Department, on issues pertaining to the acceptance committee, study program and structure of the department. The school’s secretary’s office is available for any questions concerning applications, Sun-Thurs, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Each candidate applying to the New-Media Art Department will be invited to the acceptance committee.
Applicants are required to bring the following to the committee:
1. 5-10 works
Any work that could reflect the artistic capability and direction of the applicant: drawings, illustrations, paintings, comic art, photographs, video, sound, song, poetry, short stories, blog entry, etc.
2. Applicants must choose one of the following assignments to present at the interview:
a. Dismantle an existing device / object and reassemble it as a new object with a new use (could be a real or imaginary use but must be convincing).
b. Create a story without words (through photographs, illustration, video, sound). The story can be biographical or fictional.
c. Design an imaginary robot with impressive abilities (can be 2D or 3D). The robot must feature desired or ridiculous futuristic technology.
d. Create a presentation encapsulating your artistic life philosophy / manifesto, based entirely on material found online.
3. Present two interesting, innovative, and unique websites or two gifted artists who you believe represent present-day new-media art.
Applicants will receive an answer concerning their acceptance into the department within a week after the acceptance committee.
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