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Photography, art, society

In the Photography Department, the students will be able to grow as creative artists and professionals, developing an expression and unique photographic language of their own. The department encourages creativity, experimentation, personal research and artistic adventure. The students will be equipped with various tools (technical, theoretical, and artistic) that will enable a profound acquaintance with photographic language and contemporary art, encourage critical thinking, and lay a solid foundation for becoming professional artists, creators, curators or photographers.

In addition to conceptual and artistic growth, the department provides broad professional knowledge and enables to acquire skills, employ practical and technological tools and gain professional experience in a variety of domains: studio photography, fashion, architecture, Photoshop, video photography and editing, documentary photography, self-promotion and more.

Photography in the department is studied in the context of its many aspects: from traditional and alternative (dark room) techniques to biographical photography, urban and architectonic photography, and software, studio and interactive studies. Traditional and classic photography are explored on the one hand, and technology and state-of-the-art software on the other.

The study program is based on practical workshops, personal supervision, community-related projects, gallery tours and encounters with photographers and guests from Israel and abroad.

In the framework of the full Photography and Art Studies MA program, the students will enjoy also theoretical combined with creative and practical cultural studies.

The faculty of the department is a group of diversified, dedicated artists, curators and skilled professionals. The department is known for its personal approach toward students and for its student work process guidance. It is up-to-date in all changes and trends in contemporary photography and digital and online platforms.

At the end of the studies each graduate will present a solo exhibition, create a commercial portfolio and will have to opportunity to receive a senior photography guide certificate.

Many graduates of the department find their place in the world of artistic and professional practice. Our graduates can be found in the art world as independent creators and curators, in the media and the press, in professional photography and video editing, and as entrepreneurs and teachers in the field of photography.

Among the graduates of the Photography Department at Musrara are: Jan Tichy, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Chen Cohen, Michal Tobiass, Gil Cohen, Miriam Naeh, Tohar Lev Jacobson, Orit Ishay, Raed Bawayah, Guy Yitzhaki, Shira Horesh and others.

The certification program at Musrara takes place three days a week.
The studies combining MA studies at Sapir College require and additional day and grant the enrolled student a substantial scholarship. Further details >>


Yearly tuition by department:

Photography Department – 13,175 NIS
New Media Art Department – 13,892 NIS
Visual Communication Department – 13,892 NIS
New Music Department – 13,892 NIS

Photography studies for 40+ years of age – about 10,000 NIS

*The tuitions above may change from time to time.

Admission Requirements

The Photography Department offers students a three-year developmental path.
Creating a portfolio demonstrates the passion and level of seriousness of those wishing to get accepted to the department, and it is worth putting an effort into it. We recommend visiting photography exhibitions before the acceptance committee.
Candidates can visit us prior to the committee, wander around the school galleries and enter the photography library for inspiration. Our team would be happy to help.

The Portfolio
Applicants should bring to the committee a portfolio with A4 printings as follows:
1. A series of five photographs on one of the following topics: local landscape / home environment / still life / family / strangeness
2. Two self-portraits
3. A short personal text, in two copies (exhibition review / prose / poetry, etc.)
* It is possible to add to the portfolio additional photographs in other sizes / drawings / illustrations / videos on a USB driver / crafts. The committee will hold a conversation with each applicant on a photography exhibition, photographs and photographers that influenced them.

Consultation meetings can be scheduled with Dafna Ichilov, head of the Photography Department, on issues pertaining to the acceptance committee, study program and structure of the department.

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