Phototherapy Department

The Phototherapy Department at Musrara was initiated in 2003. A pioneer in the field, it is the first department of its kind in Israel to train therapists who use photography as treatment.
The program takes place at the Musrara School, which combines artistic and social aspects. Students at the Phototherapy Department enjoy the vibrant artistic atmosphere of the school and use its facilities and advanced photography labs.
The studies enable fruitful ties with students from other departments and participation in the school activities such as the multidisciplinary art festival Musrara Mix. Students can participate in a number of courses of the Photography Department, subject to availability and the department policy.
The Phototherapy Department at Musrara is distinct in that its program includes practical experience in phototherapy, with professional supervision. Due to the esteemed work of students and graduates of the department, there is a growing demand for additional professionals specializing in phototherapy, and graduates of the department are well integrated in various institutions across the country.
We, the faculty of the department, believe in creating an encouraging environment for the personal development of each and every student, by means of a combination of creative development, photography skills, comprehensive theoretical studies and practical work in the field, with the supervision of experienced, senior therapists. We combine knowledge in therapy with practical tools for applying phototherapy, the development of photographic skills, art and a multicultural outlook. These all enrich and develop the student in order to equip him or her for the path they eventually choose to go down.


Tuition in the Phototherapy Department:
First year – 16,150 NIS
Second year – 16,135 NIS
Third year – 6,800 NIS
Program for photo therapists – 8,600 NIS

* The tuition in the first year includes a preparatory introduction to psychology program, which takes place before the academic year begins.
* The tuition can be paid in installments, more details at the secretary’s office.
* The tuition may change from time to time.

Scholarships & Awards

The school grants scholarships, which require social engagement and contribution to the community, as well as prizes for scholarly achievements and excelling, and for cultural and social contribution to the school atmosphere. Dozens of students enjoy our scholarships every year, from specific course scholarships to full tuition scholarships.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements
Criteria for applying to the department:
Applicants with a BA / diploma from a higher education school of photography and art are eligible for applying to the Phototherapy Department.
Application and acceptance:
To apply, candidates must fill out the application form and attach a resume, a certificate from their former studies and recommendations upon demand.
The registration fee must be paid.
A personal interview is required (for instructions please contact the school secretary’s office).
Applicants who passed the personal interview will partake in a group interview for acquaintance and further elimination.
A preparatory introduction to psychology course will take place at Musrara before the beginning of the academic year. Participation is mandatory for all students other than those who have already taken the course over the past five years, subject to confirmation from a certified institution.
A preparatory photography and visual digital imaging course will be held before the beginning of the academic year for students interested in filling in gaps and gaining practical experience in the creation and processing of photographic images. The preparatory course will open subject to a minimum number of registrations. For more details contact the school secretary’s office.

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