Administration and acceptance procedure

Eligible are applicants who completed 12 years of study and see themselves fit for visual or musical studies. Prior knowledge or background is not a condition for acceptance.
Each candidate administered at the school’s secretary’s office will be invited for a personal interview before an acceptance committee consisting of the school administration, faculty, and students. The applicant is required to prepare a portfolio according to the demands of the department for which he or she is applying. In certain cases, and by consideration of the acceptance committee, the candidate will be given home assignments for submission on a set date.
Terms of acceptance by department: Photography, New-Media Art, New Music, Visual Communication, Phototherapy.
The Musrara Schoo’s secretary’s office is available for any questions or queries concerning admission to the school’s various programs.
The office is open Sun-Thurs, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Tel. 02-6286519, fax 02-6264479, e-mail
Consultation on admission, study programs, etc. will be given by appointment.

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Registration fee payment for: Photography 400 ILS New-Media Art 400 ILS Visual Communication 400 ILS New Music 400 ILS Phototherapy 400 ILS Advanced Music 250 ILS 40+ Photography 250 ILS Phototherapy for Therapists 200 ILS Group supervisor training 400 ILS Continuing Studies in Phototherapy 200 ILS Full name Click here for payment

Tuition in the various departments

Photography Department – 13,175 NIS
New-Media Art Department – 13,892 NIS
Visual Communication Department – 13,892 NIS
New Music Department – 13,892 NIS

Advanced Studies in Experimental Music and the Art of Sound Program – 14,300 NIS

40+ Photography Program – about 10,000 NIS

Phototherapy Department:
First year – 16,150 NIS
Second year – 16,135 NIS
Third year – 6,800 NIS
Program for phototherapists – 8,600 NIS

* The tuition in the first year includes a preparatory introduction to psychology program, which takes place before the academic year begins.
* The tuition can be paid in installments, more details at the secretary’s office.
*The tuition above may change from time to time

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